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  • Want a Yoga class geared to men? 
  • Interested in learning how to relax?
  • Want to increase your confidence and balance? 
  • Need to de-stress?
  • Feeling stiff?
  • Want more flexibility?
  • Want a workout that uses your body weight to increase strength?

    I thought that was one of the best yoga classes I have ever been to. It was fun and challenging and I felt like I got a nice workout - loved it! The class really does make a difference in my life right now, so I'm very happy to be there, a blessing is a really good word for it!
    — Rob

These classes capitalize on your strengths and focus on increasing flexibility in a way that is effective, safe, and enjoyable. The classes are taught so that men of all levels of experience, ranging from total beginners to long-time practitioners, will find the class to be challenging and rewarding. Kevin has been teaching Yoga for 20 years and has created classes, workshops and retreats for men’s groups, as well as individualized programs that specifically address a man’s unique needs and goals.  Fundamental to Kevin’s approach is a deep respect for diversity and individuality – honoring how each person is different.  These classes incorporate breath-based postures & posture-flows, breathing exercises, relaxation, and simple meditation.   All men are welcome. 

For The Current Class Schedule, including Kevin's travel schedule, please visit the calendar.

What To Bring:
- a Yoga Sticky Mat - *more info below
- a Bath Towel

What To Wear:
Comfortable clothing: either loose or stretchable.  You may want to bring layers so that you can add or subtract as needed in terms of your body temperature. 

How To Prepare:  It is best if you refrain from eating for 2 hours before class.  But don’t be crazy about this.  If you find that you haven’t eaten for hours and you feel that you need to eat, low blood sugar, for example, eat something light such as soup or a protein shake, or yogurt, as opposed to something heavy. 

Class Location:
The Beautiful Studio *2242 University Ave, Suite 214 St Paul, MN 55114
*The ENTRANCE is on the Hampden side of the building. 
*Detailed directions & parking information

When To Arrive:
Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of class so we can begin on time!

To Register:
To reserve your place by prepaying click on this link, Make Payment
Please include your full name, phone number and email address.
$156 per 12-week class series.
$143 per 11-week class series.
$130 per 10-week class series.
$120 per 9-week class series.
$105 per 8-week class series.
$95 per 7-week class series.
$80 per 6-week class series.
$70 per 5-week class series.
Single Classes are $15. 
If you're able to sign up for the whole series, please do. If you are able to and inspired to donate more, that would allow those who are less fortunate to be able to participate. If you have a genuine financial need please talk to me.

*Yoga Mats can be purchased at many sports supply stores, yoga centers, or online. If you think you want more padding, get a 1/4" mat, rather than a 1/8" mat. Eco-friendly Mats can be purchased through Jade Yoga. These mats are made from natural rubber, some of them recycled rubber at that!  A little more expensive, but worth it for user-friendly quality and care for our earth!

Personal Training Through Private Yoga Sessions: It is not so well known that traditionally, throughout the ages, yoga has been taught and transmitted from teacher to student, primarily one-on-one. The reason for this is the understanding that Unity arises through a respect for Diversity. So, in order to create a yoga practice that is appropriate for each person's particular temperament, constitution, lifestyle, history, needs, and aspirations, yoga was and still is taught one-on-one as the primary and most effective means of practice. The support of community that group classes can offer is important as well. Consider combining private sessions in personalized yoga, yoga therapy, and sexual-spiritual integration with the group classes for optimal efficacy and enjoyment. If you have any health concerns, it is especially important for you to begin yoga in a way that is appropriate for you. Please consult with your physician before beginning this or any other program.

Please do not wear cologne to class!

Please shower before class if at all possible :)

I look forward to working with you,

~ Kevin

photo by Patrick Scully



To contact Kevin with questions or to make an appointment,
please call 917.671.6412 or email kevin@evolutionaryeros.com.