Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.
– Chinese Proverb


Our goal is to address your needs by developing your personal yoga practice as a foundation for expanding and releasing your potential. The first session starts with a few questions that help orient me to what you need and want. For some men the focus is on physical fitness and de-stressing. Other men focus on body image issues, emotional health, or life transitions such as divorce, coming out, or aging gracefully. Still others will need to focus on recovering from or managing an injury or illness using Yoga Therapy. We then begin with some body-based practices such as breath-centered movement & postures, breathing exercises, relaxation, and maybe meditation. The standard session length is 90 minutes, though sometimes a session may be 60 minutes after we've worked together for a while. Subsequent sessions most often begin with a verbal check-in where you have the time to let me know what’s going on in your life so I can best address and support you in the session and in your practice. Please inquire for current rates.

What you have shared with me, it’s given my physical body strength, but also relaxes me spiritually into looking inward and overcoming fear to identify and change negatives.
– John Carlson                             More Men’s Testimonials

The Power of Your Personal Practice

I will design an individualized practice that you can do at home. This is what makes this approach so empowering - you are an active participant in your own growth and healing! I will write it down so that you can refer to it. As you change, I will adapt the practice to suit where you are. As you progress in your personal practice other possibilities may arise that I can coach you in. For example, you may have come to me with an injury and now that the injury is healed you’re ready to experience arm balances or inversion postures. Ongoing sessions give me the chance to coach you in these new techniques so you learn them properly and effectively. I will then change your personal practice to include these new elements. It is a dynamic and rewarding process!

Through these Yogic practices, we weave together loose strands of ourselves into an integrated tapestry of self-realization. Those aspects of us that have been banished or exaggerated gain proportion and balance. We experience the energy of ourselves, of ongoing creation manifesting through us, moment to moment.
Kevin Kortan

Part of the Way of Tantra is becoming aware of, with increasingly deep compassion, and healing the wounding many of us have suffered from our societal conditioning and religious training. Evolutionary Eros is dedicated to freeing ourselves, individually and collectively, from the tyranny of guilt and shame which has permeated and infiltrated our erotic love lives. Many men who find their way to this work have found that the confines of the roles or identities they have taken on no longer fit them, whether that be sexual orientation, range of emotional expression, gender identity and fluidity of expression, coming out issues, sexual potency, body image issues, and the bigger questions that naturally arise out of this search - Who Am I?  Why Am I here?  What is my True Nature beyond any identity and definition?

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