man and sun
  • A Workout For A Man’s Body & Soul
  • Increase Your Strength, Balance & Flexibility
  • De-stress – Learn to Relax
  • Magnify your Male Power, Potency, & Prowess
  • Improve Your Sexual Health & Pleasure
  • Free Yourself From Body-Image Issues
  • Increase Your Confidence
  • Clarify Your Purpose In Life
  • Compliment Your Current Workout
  • Balance Your Emotions & Relationships
  • Relax In A Place Where You Can Be Yourself
  • Benefit From The Support Of Like-Minded Men
  • Understand Parts Of Yourself That Talk Therapy
    Alone Can't Access

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As men, we can be our best and realize our goals in an environment where we can truly be ourselves. We need to be supported by someone who we trust and who has our best interests in mind. When we have this support and trust, that’s when we can be challenged to be our very best, to realize our goals and dreams. I want you to know that in these classes all men are welcome! Over the years I’ve heard from a lot of men that they sometimes feel uncomfortable or unwelcome in certain environments. For example, many yoga classes are oriented towards women’s bodies and needs. These classes, both group and private one-on-one, are oriented towards men. I have been teaching Yoga for 20 years and have created classes, workshops and retreats for men’s groups, as well as individualized programs that specifically address a man’s unique needs and goals. Empower yourself with skills that will support you for the rest of your life! Let’s get started.


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